Qi Yuan Company & Qi Yuan Ministry

Both companies are dedicated to helping people of everywhere of all ages have a deeper, fuller realization in heart, mind and decision-making that human life begins at conception.  The hoped for result will be more mothers and fathers choosing to allow their children to be born and more people helping those decision-makers through financial, emotional and spiritual support, as well as adoption and other support for the children.

The primary means of transforming our hope into reality is through popularizing the observance of each person’s Qi Yuan – day of beginning – conception day.  Through the biological, medical and scientific advances of the last century, much ‑‑‑ probably most --- of adult humanity has learned, intellectually, that life begins at conception.  Ultrasound images of our children in the womb have helped us visualize their humanity.  However, ignorance, fear, confusion and other concerns still cause people to choose abortions.  One source of confusion can be reduced --- birthdays!!  Birthday??  The worldwide practice (except in parts of China) of dating our ages from the time of birth leads people to feel that life, or perhaps “true life,” begins at birth rather than conception.  Birthdays, of course, are wonderful times to celebrate the specialness of a child or person.  However, when we consider all the social reinforcement of birth (bar mitzvah at 13, driver’s license at 16, voting at 18, retirement at 65, etc.) as opposed to conception, is it any wonder that some young people when faced with an unplanned pregnancy can rationalize that “life has not really begin” because the child has not been born?

We hope that Qi Yuan cards, greetings, parties, gifts and songs will gently and positively soften hears towards out littlest boys and girls.

Qi Yuan Company is a for-profit corporation which publishes Qi Yuan cards and plans to add other Qi Yuan products for sale to the public.  We decided to make this company for-profit with the hope it will function more efficiently and be accountable and measurable in its services which further contributing to the general welfare of society through payment of taxes.

Qi Yuan Ministry is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation (exemption recognition applied for).  We need help from everyone who would like to see fewer babies aborted and to reduce the number of mothers and fathers who agonize a lifetime over their decision to kill their child.  Please contribute here.  The directors serve without compensation.  Donations will be used to promote observance of Qi Yuan.