Qi Yuan Day

Many Christians realize abortion is murder, but many sixteen-year-old girls and their boyfriends mistakenly believe that life begins at birth. Our culture reinforces that misconception by birthday celebrations—a good event in most aspects—and our ubiquitous practices of connecting events, responsibilities, and privileges to our birthdates such as voting, bar mitzvah, and the drinking age, which are also good in most respects. One aspect of advancing God’s kingdom through law is to think preventatively. If we can keep a case out of court or somehow influence public opinion in ways that will help prevent unrighteousness from happening, then we should do our best to make that happen. Even so, as informed and concerned Christians, we should still seek to influence human laws to align as closely as possible to the heart of God through legal engagement. There is one practice that I will commend to you that will help correct misconceptions around when life starts: Qi Yuan Day.

Qi Yuan means “origin” or “beginning.” The Chinese symbol simply means “day.” However, the Chinese have for millennia dated a person’s age from approximately the time of conception— adjusted for the vagaries of the Chinese calendar. Qi Yuan Day simplifies that by ascribing a Qi Yuan date to each person. So we have decided to adapt the Qi Yuan Day concept to an audience broader than China with our prayer to impact our cultures and thus save millions of lives.